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Your customers are mobile, are you?

For more and more people, the smartphone is a constant companion and a part of our lifestyle. We use them to phone, shop, search, research, review, and connect with others. As business owners and marketers, to "not" include mobile into ones marketing mix is ignoring a compelling opportunity.

At Catamount Marketing we acknowledge smartphones for the fun, fascination, and convenience they provide; but even more for their prominence as the communication tool of choice for people across all demographics. Believe it… mobile use is here to stay and buyers will pass over sites that are not mobile-optimized in favor of those that are.

The good news is that mobile-optimizing an existing website is quick, easy, and affordable for ANY business, large or small! Catamount Marketing is poised to optimize your website and get you up and mobile in literally minutes. We repeat... making your website friendly for your customers to view and use is an extension of GREAT customer service and quite simply no longer an option.

Check out these compelling mobile lifestyle facts and figures…

  • 1/2 of local searches are done on mobile devices (Microsoft, 2011)

  • Smartphone sales have now surpassed desktop sales. (PC World, Feb. 2011)

  • By 2013 mobile web-browsing is projected to surpass desktop web-browsing (Google, 2011)

  • 1/3rd of Americans use their Smartphone as their primary device to access the internet (Gartner Inc.)

Click on the sample iPhone on the left to experience the look and feel of a mobile-optimization. You'll also find a page of sample mobile sites from a variety of industries including restaurants, fitness, and real estate.

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