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The key to direct mail success

No matter the channel, direct marketing approaches rely on three fundamental components for success. These building blocks, in order of importance, are:
  1. Data – talking to the right people with the right message at the right time in the right setting.
  2. The Offer – more than ever before, consumers, both B2B and B2C, want and often "expect” to be offered something of value to get them to act. Compelling and relevant offers generate activity that leads to revenue. Further, clever and strategic A/B split offers provide a measurement tool to gauge buyer preferences and insight into consumer motivation.
  3. Creative – graphic design and content that is relevant, to the point, and endearing with value and "spirit”.

At Catamount Marketing we’ve met our clients’ direct mail production needs for nearly 30 years, which means we’ve just about seen it all. Direct mail continues to be a relevant component in a well-executed multi-channel marketing strategy. It serves as one of the best means to capture email addresses that can be leveraged for additional less costly inbound marketing strategies.

Direct mail is the mainstay for a significant percentage of our population. It is not subject to spam filtering, the handy "delete” button, and must be held and read before being dismissed. Direct mail pieces have a shelf life, are portable, and are perfect for clever and captivating design. Direct mail will remain part of our fabric for a long time to come.

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