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What is local vs. conventional search?

Local search queries differ from conventional searches in that you are adding a "where” component such as an address, a city or a zip code to the "what” component (keyword, product, service etc) that you are looking for. For years, these searches have often been dominated by national competitors: large directory sites with thousands of pages and other non-local SEO powerhouses. Now, the game has changed and search engines want to feature your local business, your products and your services.

Those companies without a local presence are finding it harder and harder to compete for these valuable search queries – searches that are increasingly being performed from smart phones and other mobile devices by consumers who are immediately looking to make a purchase.

Why the focus on Local SEO?

Consumers have always been in the need for local products and services. What’s changed is their behavior and the tools they use to perform local searches. Traditionally, local directories like the yellow pages along with newspapers and local magazines supplied this information but the digital age has changed all that. Computers and search engines have replaced the yellow pages and increasingly smart phones and other mobile devices are your computer. When was the last time you picked up a copy of the yellow pages to order food, look for a local service or product?

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