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Inbound marketing - attract, engage, convert, delight

in·bound mar·ket·ing -noun: Any marketing tactic that relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying it.

Marketing boils down to generating leads to sell more goods and services to generate more revenue. The days of shouting "at" the masses to sell products and services is being replaced with engaging people with relevant content and ideas that get talked about and spread.

Seth Godin, arguably the world's premier blogger and auther of Purple Cow and over a dozen other books on marketing, first wrote about inbound marketing or ‘permission’ marketing years ago. Basically, it’s your job to earn the attention of customers by making yourself easy to be found. But it’s so much more than that – it’s about creating value around your brand online. Instead of looking for customers, you leave a breadcrumb trail and they find you.

The Internet has changed marketing and communications forever. Only a few short years ago, businesses reached consumers through traditional outbound marketing methods like: trade shows, print advertising, radio, TV, and other media that "pushes” your message. Today, consumers increasingly make buying decisions using internet search engines, reading reviews and blogs, and finding helpful information and shared stories in social media. In order to remain competitive, thrive, or even "exist” in business today, virtually any business or organization needs a web presence. But having a website alone is not enough anymore. Building web "activity” that invites and leads consumers to your website and speaks to them in a personable and informative manner is what doing business on the Internet is all about. This begins to describe inbound marketing; "attracting” customers by sharing information, telling stories, and being found above the fold on search engine searches.

Our Inbound Marketing Services Include:

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Email Marketing
    Social Media Content Management

99% of the inquiries and leads that come to Catamount Marketing are the result of an Internet search.This is irrefutable and is never going back. We'd enjoy hearing your story and learning more about your business to explore ways to help your business get found.

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