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Catamount Marketing Graphic Design

Catamount Marketing Graphic Design


What is great design anyway? It’s a piece of creative (postcard, print ad, stationery, brochure, vehicle wrap, cereal box, beer label, automobile, smartphone… you name it) that attracts attention to the message or brand it represents. Great design begs someone to look at, read about, test drive, try on, or mention a person, place, service, or thing that might otherwise go unnoticed. Great design is remarkable, if not subliminal, and helps a business sell stuff, a non-profit raise money, and influence a consumer buying decision. Great design evokes emotion and taking action. You know it when you see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, and hear it. Great design doesn’t have to be explained…it just is.

We love and appreciate great design and we want to create it for you. Call us at 802-865-2872 to schedule a time to talk about making your brand remarkable.

Click on the Catamount portfolio to check out some of our handiwork.

Some of our design services include:
    • Logo Design
    • Stationery Packages
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
    • Print Ads

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