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Email has gotten a bad rap over the years due to spam and sheer volume. But it's a mistake to completely disregard email marketing for these reasons and rather recognize it for what it still is... a relatively low cost, powerful, and measurable messaging and marketing communications tool. The effective strategy for success is the same one that any business owner would apply in a person-to-person environment... be nice, be respectful, be helpful. In the "old days", postal mail involved people writing to each other to stay connected. Electronic mail should serve the same purpose... with no stamp required!


The starting point for success is making sure you know the person you're emailing to and ask for their permission to engage. Once this is done, email becomes an efficient communications tool for informing and educating clients, generating leads, qualifying prospects, gathering consumer or donor information, announcing product, nurturing relationships, and expanding awareness for your business. Done wisely, email marketing is more beneficial than intrusive and plays a key role in a multi-channel marketing strategy. Using creativity, metrics, technology, and best practices, the Catamount Marketing Team can create and implement a systematic email marketing approach to drive traffic to your website and generate more qualified leads.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Template Design
  • Content Writing
  • Call-to-Action Strategies
  • Measurement and Analytics

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