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The power of direct mail

Consider how many local, regional, and major national brands still rely on direct mail to drive traffic to their stores and more and more to their websites: LL Bean, Vermont Bicycle Tours, Gardener’s Supply, Dakin Farms, Ace Hardware, Petco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more. Why do they continue to invest their marketing dollars in mail? Because…

  • It’s measurable when combined with a call-to-action

  • It can be highly personalized with effective use of your customer data

  • It has the inherent physical and tangible properties that email lacks

  • It appeals to significant segments of the population

  • It has a known return on investment when developed with an ROI in mind

  • It steadily builds and reinforces your brand

  • It can convey content that's segmented, targeted, creative, and passionate

  • It drives traffic to your website

  • When the fundamental components of direct mail are done well, mail works

Direct mail marketing continues to evolve and improve with technology, making use of available data to reach the right audience with the right message and the right content. Direct mail is one of the best means of communication to collect email addresses that can then be used to leverage other inbound marketing efforts as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Delivering mail that appeals to an individual’s specific buying preferences with relevant offers and promotions will drive business to your website and front door.

At Catamount Marketing we’ll evaluate what you have for existing data or help you gather new data to design a campaign to reach your goals, whether they be to build brand awareness, extend market reach, generate leads, or increase traffic to your business.

We employ the best people, equipment, and technology to meet most any direct mail marketing need:

  • List Rental and Procurement –  "DATA", the most important part of any direct marketing campaign. Who is your audience and do you need more contacts to market to? Our list brokers have access to every list criteria publicly available. We’ll help you drill down to the specifications of the best list size and content to meet your needs and return the best ROI.
  • Data Processing – Includes: CASS, NCOA, managing duplicates, merge-purge, and list analysis for segmentation, targeting, and optimization.
  • Personalized and Variable Data Printing (VDP) – We have years of experience with variable data printing, from a simple mail-merge cover letter to variable content throughout an entire mail piece, including variable imagery to capture your audience’s attention. Your message becomes more personal and effective with customer-specific variables. Any detail of the text or images can be varied to appeal directly to each recipient.
  • Marketing Solutions - incorporating PURLs (Personal URL) that combine direct mail, internet landing pages, and email to deliver highly personalized messaging and response mechanisms to engage with your audience on several levels to build and nurture relationships, and generate qualified leads for your business or organization.
  • Inkjet Addressing – We employee the latest technology and IMB bar-code structure to address your mailings accurately and provide you the deepest postage discounts applicable.
  • Inserting and Perfect Matching – We employee both automated and carefully managed hand-inserting capabilities to meet most any mail fulfillment need. We have many years of experience accurately handling perfect-match mailings, where every insertion must match exactly.
  • Postage Class Guidance – We are mail experts and understand the nuances between the various US Postal rates so you don’t have to: First Class, Presorted Standard, Non-profit, automated vs non-automated, and flats. Tell us your objectives and budget and we’ll inform you of the best options. 

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