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The importance of data

So if "data” is the most important component of a marketing approach, what does that mean and how should data be approached? Answer: as one of your most valuable business assets. The more data you collect and maintain about your clients, prospects, and target audience, the more "assets" you have for effective marketing. Data is king and marketing today relies on it.

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Data

  • Who: are your customers and prospects? Do you know their buying habits and preferences? Do you know how they're best motivated to buy? Who are the population segments most likely to buy your products and services?

  • What: is your objective? A short-term bump in sales or long-term relationship and brand building? To find new customers or nurture existing ones? What kinds of data would you benefit from and how can you acquire it? What are the best sources of data for your business needs?

  • When: do you need make your approach or get results? Short term call to action? Long term awareness? First class mailing immediacy or presorted standard mailing?

  • Where: are your customers and what "reach” is optimum for your business or organization?

  • Why: your customers represent your most valuable business asset. The business they do with you is the reason you’re in business and it’s what sustains your business. Doesn’t it make sense to not only protect it but grow it, nurture it, expand it, and stay in close contact with it? Sure it does. If you don’t stay in touch, your competitor will and sooner or later your customer relationship fades. We understand this and will work with you to optimize your data and take good care of your business relationships.

The Mailing List

The mailing list to use is the one that most suits the purpose of the mailing. Does your product, service, or organization appeal to a broad market, or to a very select group of people? The list that’s best is the one that meets your needs. Whether using your current customer list, acquiring a new prospect list, or broadcasting to a saturation list, the Catamount Marketing direct mail advisers will ask the right questions to help define the list and approach that meets your objectives of time, results, and resources.

Mailing lists specifics can include:

Demographic Lists (age, income, gender, marital status, home value & many others)
Psycho-graphic Lists (lifestyle interests)
Ethnicity Lists
New Homeowners
Financial, Investment, Insurance & Mortgage Lists
Home Improvement Lists
Business Lists
Specialty Lists

Contact us today to discuss your objectives and how we can procure the best data to generate the leads you require.

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