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Catamount Marketing Content Writing


Maybe you’ve heard it said that content is King. Ok, but what does that mean? King of whom? King of what? If I don’t particularly care for the King, then what? If this content thing is as high and mighty as to be called King, how does it rule?

If nothing else, content’s got to be remarkable – worth talking and spreading the word about. If you write a newsletter, it‘d better be newsworthy, something new that I didn’t already know and of use to me. If you send me an invitation to your fundraising event, I need to know why it’s important to you, to me, and why I should care. If you spend the time and money to produce a print or internet ad, the headline and imagery have got to satisfy a real need or trigger a fantasy of mine; and even better if the message is relevant to my age, lifestyle, and interests. 

We provide unique, professional, on-time content that resonates with consumers, builds trust and compels them to take action. Anyone can supply you with fresh content -- the real challenge is keeping the reader’s attention and interest. Our style of writing is professional enough to command authority, yet engaging enough to keep the reader hungry for more.

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Click on the Catamount writing portfolio to check out some of our handiwork.

Some of our content writing services include:
    • Blog posts
    • Print & Internet Ads
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
    • Nonprofit Appeals

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