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Now is the time to grow or start your blog    8/26/2015
Catamount-Marketing-Blogging-IdeasArticles and statistics touting the benefits of blogging are ubiquitous. You know you probably should be blogging, but how and what you should write about plague even the most seasoned marketers. If you aren’t sure blogging is right for you, let’s start with a few statistics....
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Trade Show Basics for Small Business    1/10/2015
Catamount Marketing tradeshowThe very words “Trade Show” make some small business owners shudder. Attending a trade show or business expo can take a lot of time and money. Quite frequently, those are two things a small business owner just doesn’t have a lot of. With some careful planning, however, a trade show can not only be fun but profitable as well.
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Using print to further your marketing efforts    10/23/2014
print and online marketing convergenceThere is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way small business owners market their business. Digital marketing, like e-newsletters, search engine optimization, social media, and search engine marketing, can be powerful forms of advertising.  Even more powerful, however, is digital marketing with a collaborative print marketing effort.

Here are a few ways print and digital working together can generate leads.
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Lights, Camera, Action! Video Best Practices    8/19/2014
Video-SEO-Catamount Marketing
Most people know that engaging social media posts and relevant, well-crafted videos are good for helping grow your brand and your bottom line. Unfortunately when it comes to video most people get it wrong. ...
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A Case for Mail Chauvinism    6/23/2014
I’ll admit up front, I have a strong bias for direct mail. I grew up with it, I use it, and I sell it as part of my business printing and mailing services. If that makes me a mail chauvinist, so be it; I submit my face for the Mail Chauvinism recruiting poster. ...
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Some Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Website    6/1/2014
drive_traffic_to_your_website_Catamount_MarketingSo the next question becomes… how do I drive visitors to my website in the first place?

Some ideas include:...
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Some Ideas for Capturing Email Addresses    6/1/2014
email-assets-Catamount_MarketingThis is a good opportunity to put your website to work for you and have it start earning its keep. Having something of value to offer a visitor in exchange for their email address is a great start.

Some ideas include:
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Are half your advertising dollars wasted?    4/30/2014
Catamount Marketing cross channel marketing, John WanamakerOver a hundred years ago, advertising and retail pioneer and mogul John Wanamaker famously stated
“half the money I spend on advertising is wasted… the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

While this sentiment still exists amongst many business owners today, one of the biggest differences between then and today is the technology available to better measure one half versus the other. ...
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