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A Case for Mail Chauvinism    6/23/2014
I’ll admit up front, I have a strong bias for direct mail. I grew up with it, I use it, and I sell it as part of my business printing and mailing services. If that makes me a mail chauvinist, so be it; I submit my face for the Mail Chauvinism recruiting poster. ...
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Some Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Website    6/1/2014
drive_traffic_to_your_website_Catamount_MarketingSo the next question becomes… how do I drive visitors to my website in the first place?

Some ideas include:...
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Some Ideas for Capturing Email Addresses    6/1/2014
email-assets-Catamount_MarketingThis is a good opportunity to put your website to work for you and have it start earning its keep. Having something of value to offer a visitor in exchange for their email address is a great start.

Some ideas include:
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