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Good Marketing is Like a Bowl of Chex Mix    2/23/2014
Catamount Marketing the value of marketing mixWho doesn't like Chex Mix? The salty, crunchy snack that’s still going strong today since it was first introduced by Ralston Purina in 1937. What do you think makes it so appealing? Seems everyone has a favorite ingredient in the mix, whether the pretzel sticks, or peanuts, or the assorted Chex cereal pieces themselves.
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Make it Your Mission to End Mediocrity in 2014    2/10/2014
Catamount Marketing blogSuccessful organizations often beat the competition by turning the buffet problem upside down. "Let's make these the best mashed potatoes in town--who knows, next time, that guy out front will bring his friends." ...
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The Power of Persuasion... and a little humor!    2/2/2014
Catamount Marketing and Winnovations videoOk, time for a little levity. If you've ever watched Jay Leno's Tonight Show, you may have caught one of Trevor Moore's "Winnovations" segments. I give Moore credit for creating humorous moments on the streets of LA and convincing people that he's come up with a new invention. The "invention" is usually totally worthless but people buy into it. The results are pretty funny and a parody of sorts on advertising, infomercials, and the like. Watch this video and have a little fun... ...
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