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Graphic Design Roots - Proper Typography    11/19/2013
Catamount Marketing history of typographyI know, I know... you're reading this blog article title and thinking... a history lesson? In typography no less! (yawn) Well, first of all, this article is very short and the lesson is captured in a very fun, creative, and brief video; so don't despair. Check it out and see what a creative mind can do with an otherwise dry topic. Watch this fun, creative, and educational video
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Direct Mail and The Value of the Printed Piece    11/5/2013
Catamount Marketing Direct MailThe printed piece... to have and to hold. You may find that your snail mail mailbox has become more friendly and less interrupting than your email inbox. Receiving and holding a card or a letter from someone or a business who knows something about you and what you like is like receiving a little gift in the mail. Such is the attraction of a printed piece....
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