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Storytelling is Content Marketing and it's Good For Business    10/24/2013
Catamount-Marketing-StorytellingStorytelling is a form of content marketing that often gets to the heart of a marketing message in a manner that's easier to read, understand, and relate to. ...
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Content Marketing Using 80,000 Green Bay Packer Fans    10/20/2013
Catamount-Marketing-content-marketingOn the evening of 14 November 2011, the NFL's Green Bay Packers hosted the Minnesota Vikings in a football match-up held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay which was televised by ESPN as part of that network's Monday Night Football schedule. As the previous Friday (11 November) had been Veterans Day, the Packers announced they would be staging a number of Veteran's Day-themed events before the game and during halftime: ...
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Email Is Dead... Or Is It?    10/16/2013
email-is-dead-catamount-marketingFirst it was direct mail that was declared dead. Now some claim email is dead. Maybe it's a matter of perspective and/or who you talk to. ...
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Why Google Sends Me Direct Mail?    10/14/2013
Catamount Marketing direct mail servicesBelieve it or not, Google is a major direct mail marketer! Here is arguably the world’s most prolific producer of everything virtual, electronic, and cyber-driven, sending me a printed card in an envelope on a regular basis promoting their AdWords program....
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Direct Mail Strategies That Work    10/10/2013
Paw Print & Mail Direct Mail ServicesIn my previous "The Renaissance of Direct Mail" posted 10/4/13, I wrote about and displayed statistics showing the favorable performance of direct mail in a cost per lead comparison to other popular marketing communications mediums. In this post I’ll touch on some best practices and ideas to maximize your direct mail efforts....
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The Renaissance of Direct Mail    10/04/2013
Direct-Mail-BenefitsDirect mail is making a comeback (though many would say it never left) as a valuable lead generating medium in an effective marketing mix....
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