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Ready for a whole new web?    1/27/2014
arketing .com alternativesFor a long time now, when asked what domain should I purchase for my business, we have advised trying to find a .com version of your company name or keyword because of the automatic response of adding .com to the domain when inputting the name directly into a browser to go directly to the website. The .net, .biz, etc. variations were recommended only when you wished to "protect" your primary .com variation of your domain name from your competitors potentially hijacking your clients using your domain with the variant extension; or the .com extension was simply already taken. ...
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Marketing Back to Basics for Success:The Rule of 7    1/20/2014
catamount marketing rule of 7Brushing up on the basics, in any endeavor, is one key to success that the people who excel understand and apply. Much of marketing is molded from fundamental human nature and it’s easy to lose sight of these fundamentals in the fast-paced information world we live in. So I’m taking a timeout here to get back to basics.
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Another Reason Why I Drink Guinness    1/3/2014
Catamount Marketing Guinness Branding ArticleThe best and most remarkable brands are about more than just the product... it's how one feels about or experiences the brand. ...
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The Best Marketing is Life in Motion    1/2/2014
Catamount Marketing banding and Go Pro videoGoPro is arguably one of the best examples of a success story born from doing what one loves. GoPro is the personal video camera people who have captured the market on capturing life. ...
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