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Guiding Light
Albert Einstein advised "make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." He was a pretty smart guy and we value smart and creative people and what they create. The Catamount Marketing team is pretty smart and creative as well and this quote guides the underlying theme for the work we do for our clients. People do business with people and effective marketing is really no more or less simple than connecting with people – people who need and want what your business or organization has to sell, say, or do. We work with our clients to apply the best means to generate and manage leads for business growth and prosperity.

History Lesson
In 1990 Tom Brassard started Paw Print & Mail, a full-service B2B printing and mailing services company. As a result of advising and working with clients across a wide spectrum of industries, and from the experiences gained, the company diversified in 2009 to form Catamount Marketing, to provide marketing services for small businesses and organizations. The team at Catamount Marketing leverages its collective years of working in the trenches with their clients to inspire the work they do in today’s constantly evolving multi-channel marketplace.

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Why Catamount?
The catamount is a magical and mystical symbol of Vermont. The catamount represents the natural beauty, agility, and strength that Vermont and Vermonters are known for. Vermont's natural environment inspires creativity, work ethic, sensibility, and a spirit that is unique. This describes Catamount Marketing and the foundation that goes into the work we do for our clients.

Meet The Team

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